Wikidata client for Bachelor Thesis project

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The Wikidata client application works by creating a preliminary list based on the MediaWiki "what links here" facility using the API. The list is specified based on the users input into the Item ID form input. The user inputs the wikibase entity ID for this purpose.

The next part of the form requires criteria for which to screen the list. The user inputs wikidata statements for this purpose and the list generated will contain only items that fulfill these statement criteria.

The third form input enables the user to retrieve any information regarding the items on the generated list. For example, in a list containing specific cities, the user may want to get each city's data for population, date of foundation, head of government, official website etc as they are existent in the wikibase repository. The wikidata property ID is used to specify these properties by the user.

The application allows the user to query the wikidata repository in flexible ways and generate a presentable list in a statistical format which may be useful in data gathering research and data mining purposes as well as checking the validity and accuracy of the data in Wikidata knowledge base.

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